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So a guest calls me. Older guy, or maybe a middle-aged guy who sounds older.

"How do I pick back up on watching a movie I ordered?" he asks.

I wince a little, because I know that he's not going to like the answer.

"Well, unfortunately when you order a movie, it just plays straight through. If you shut it off, when you order it again it'll play from the beginning. I'm sorry about that."

"So it's not like my On-Demand at home?"

"No, I'm sorry, it's not. I really wish it were." And I do. When you stay in a luxury hotel, everything should be better than what you have at home, from the linens to the entertainment system. Our TV system is pathetically archaic. We didn't even get HD until last year. Maybe I complain a lot about guests, but I also get embarrassed when I'm not able to deliver the kind of service they should have.

"Oh. Well...oh. Hm." A long silence. "Maybe I'll just reorder it. Will it charge me again?"

"The system will automatically bill your room again, but I'd be happy to remove the charge from your bill."

"I'll do that, then. Thanks!"

He hangs up, and I go over to the movie-system computer to cancel out his first movie. I type in his room number, and the billing and broadcast information pops up. He ordered it at 12:19 AM, and watched for 31 minutes. And the movie is called:

"The Best ANAL of the Year!"

Suddenly I know a whole lot of things about this guy that I wish I didn't know.


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