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Wednesday night at work was quiet, which gave me a chance to do some tedious research work for my father, and watch most of the epically-paced Sex and the City: 2.

Which was...well, it wasn't good at all, but I'd been braced for complete hell and was kind of surprised at myself for ordering it from Netflix. I get and even agree with what the critics complained about; these characters are monstrously selfish and privileged, artless, and for a show about liberal New Yorkers, surprisingly insensitive to other cultures. Oh, wah! - being a mother is so hard, even with full-time help! How do people without help do it? And...flying coach is a fate unthinkable! And even though you're the foreigner who voluntarily traveled to a misogynistic, backward country, well, it should change - because you say so!

But...I watched every episode of the show (back when the episodes were a little more...substantive), and the first movie was good, and I like seeing the girls, even if they weren't quite themselves in the second movie. Of course, the clothes and luxury travel all looked very appetizing, too.

But between guilty-pleasure bubblegum chick flicks, I found Sex and the City 2 much less offensive than Eat, Pray, Love. The Sex and the City girls recognize that they're on vacation, and they revel in the admittedly beautiful, opulent luxury of their trip. At least there was never any longing for some Eastern brown people to magically transmit some easy, self-centering enlightenment. Between the two, I'd much rather see Americans impose Western materialism on a patriarchial theocracy than incorrectly and insultingly reverence the minimalism of the Exotic East. As a blogger whose blog I can't find said (and I paraphrase), if all the Americans have to journey to India for enlightenment, where are Indians supposed to go for enlightenment?

(Let's not forget that Elizabeth Gilbert financed the extensive travels for her book about her own self-discovery and enlightenment...with the advance for her book about her own self-discovery and enlightenment.)

(Also, she is a total bitch to service staff - I have firsthand experience.)
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