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So, I worked on my birthday and generally ignored it, aside from replying to the well-wishers on Facebook (thanks, guys!). Since most weekends involve a dinner out with friends, there's no real purpose in making a dinner out with friends about me, so I'll just leave it at that. Birthday came, birthday went, I'm an adult and I don't require recognition of having survived another trip around the sun.

I know better than to resolve to update every day. I'd rather consume media than create it (insomuch as a blog creates media), and there is plenty of media to consume. That's a theme in my recent, infrequent LJ posts. But - goddamnit - I do still want a record of my life, and between internet at work, at home, and on the phone, I should be able to spend some time, even if it's just five minutes, saying something. Or just taking a picture on my phone, maybe. Something.

It doesn't help that LJ is dying an internet heat death, and I've seen most of my Friends fade away, often to the brevity of Facebook and occasionally just gone entirely. And while I'm aware that diary writing should be done for the writer and not the reader, I want and need an audience, even if it's just one other person.

So here's what went on with me this year:

1. I got out of consumer debt, and my credit score broke 800 points.

2. The month after I paid off the last credit card, I received an inheritance from my paternal grandfather that allowed me to buy a new car, a new couch, and peace of mind about the immediate future. I'd like to turn the bulk of my remaining inheritance into a retirement nest egg, but...well, I'm starting to become skeptical of the traditional model of retirement planning.

3. I started the path towards bariatric surgery - the gastric sleeve, to be exact. I've been thinking about bariatric surgery for years, but as my insurance didn't cover the procedure, I didn't seriously consider the surgery until I had the cash in-hand from the inheritance. Then, by astonishingly happy coincidence, one of my insurance plans at work began covering bariatric surgery. I switched insurance plans, and bam - I'm going to be able to have the surgery and save 20 grand doing it.

4. We lost our beloved family dog, Rocky, at the age of 14. It devastated my family and the mere thought of it fills my eyes with tears. And here I thought I was a person that didn't cry that much! In a family without young children, and where there is a great deal of intellectual love but little physical affection, Rocky absorbed all of our nurturing instincts. His loss was much worse than that of my paternal grandfather, who was a sociopath, or my maternal grandmother, who succumbed after long, terrible suffering to Alzheimer's. Rocky's loss was pure, unrestricted, unmixed grief. I can't...I can't write any more about it.

So - year 31 of life saw three very good events, and one horrible one. So far, it looks like 32 will see me healthier, wealthier (well, maybe. I've got to get myself on a budget!) and wiser. And mostly happy, too.

I hope.


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