Jan. 10th, 2012

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Tuesday night was pretty quiet. I'm doing some research work for my dad and his new business. The work is tedious and repetitive, and trying to work on my wee little netbook with its small screen and tiny keyboard isn't really cutting it. The netbook is great for browsing, media consumption and word-processing, but it starts wheezing as soon as you have five browser windows and a word-processing program open.

I"m hurting, too - my eyes, back, and right hand (the touch-pad hand) are all aching. The screen is small enough that the font is a size that I can't quite see it if I'm leaning back or sitting upright in my chair - I have to hunch forward and peer. That's not a problem when I'm browsing around on the internet, but for intense work over multiple hours, the posture becomes painful.

Which means I have to buy a bigger computer, I think, but goddamn, is that a task I don't look forward to. The number of options are mind-boggling, with all the models, price points, etc. Should I buy from Costco and pay the sales tax to receive the "free" 2nd year warranty, not to mention no-questions-asked returns for the first 90 days or whatever it is? Or do I go with the cheaper, dodgier Internet option with its strict no-return policies and hugely irritating warranty processes? And then there's the occasional smoking-good-deal that pops up from Office Max and other big box retailers, too.

And once I have the new computer, there's the chore of configuration; uninstalling all the bloatware and installing my necessary programs, plug-ins, and settings, updating every program that's updated since the computer was manufactured, porting over all my data, having to adapt to a new OS (I got the last computer with XP), and... Oh, god. I'd much, much rather spend a day at the DMV.

Not to mention, I'm going to give my computer-illiterate mother my netbook, which means thoroughly scrubbing it of all my stuff and setting up protections so that she doesn't accidentally launch a nuclear attack from some missile silo somewhere. It could happen.


This is a first-world problem.


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